1: Bring ye smartphone
2: Location services on
3: Visit some place
4: Visit Pozzy
5: Conquer place

What be Pozzy?

Pozzy be a geolocation-based game.
Take ye smartphone, venture t' places and check-in t' conquer them.
Battle with or against ye crew. Challenge them t' very fun or very wrong places.



Men vs. Beauties

Which be yonder better sex? Granted, this game will probably not answer that question. But you can continue t' discuss thar subject, while you're playing Pozzy!

Places can be conquered by men or beauties, depending on who check in more often. Upon conquering a certain place, you will have thar chance t' finally be crowned its King or Queen*.

If you bring ye crew along, conquering places and earning points in Pozzy becomes even easier.

So come on: go outside, but don't forget ye phone - like you would ever do that - and start conquering ye favorite places now!

*Please note that, for thar time being, only beauties can be crowned Queens. Our sincerest apologies t' all you fabulous men out there.


Discover new places

Pozzy will introduce you t' our players' most popular places and by playing you can increase a place's popularity as well.

Think of ye favorite restaurant, gym-...museum, or book store. Be these places mostly visited by men or beauties? Let's mix it up!

If you check in at a place that has been conquered by ye opposite sex, this will earn you more points. These scores be shown in ye individual rankings.

T' learn more about earning points, please check out yonder FAQ.


How to play

How t' play?

Step 1: Leave thar house (ye first step be always yonder hardest)
Step 2: Go check out any of ye favorite places
Step 3: Open ye browser
Step 4: Visit Pozzy and start playing starboard away by tapping thar blue button
Men enter here Beauties enter here
Step 5: Conquer thar place
Step 6: Profit!

You can also use ye search option t' find a new place t' conquer. Congratulations, you have now earned ye first points.

Aye, it's that simple.

More details on earning points can be found in our FAQ.



Greetings from Pozzy

If you want t' share ye conquests with ye crew, you can send them a Pozcard. This be an animation, showing all thar places you visited between 2 selected dates. You can leave comments on each place for ye crew t' read as well: 'Cute waiter, terrible coffee!'

Pozcards can be sent from ye holiday as it happens, or afterwards when you've returned home. All you have t' do be play Pozzy and we'll let you share ye fun.

Plus, if you've been bar crawling and thar details of ye night be a bit fuzzy thar next day, a Pozcard lets you relive (and remember) thar party!


Privacy first

Privacy first

We understand that privacy be important t' you. Unlike most social sites and games, Pozzy only wants t' know if you're male or female. Not sure? Then you're probably not old enough t' be playing.

Just ye gender. That's it. No names, email addresses, or favorite aunts.

You don't even need an account t' play Pozzy, and it's entirely up t' you how much information you share with other players. Should you prefer t' play with ye own account, then you can tweak it t' ye liking.

If, for whatever reason, you no longer want t' play, you can delete all data of yonder account you used. We will never pass on any of ye information t' a third party.

Read more about how we respect ye privacy in our Privacy Statement.

Start playing

Playing Pozzy be free.
You don't need t' create an account t' play.
You can play anonymously.
Thar only information we need from you be thar gender you select t' play as.



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Conquer info
Type the name of a place or establishment or leave empty t' find places near you.
Quick Search info
Quick search results are context sensitive:
- Hot will return thar hottest places near you.
- Points will return places near you sorted by most points.

Quick search results be influenced by Search Settings.
Radius info
This influences the search results.
Search within a radius arround ye current position or choose Everywhere t' search a place anywhere in ye world.
Conquered by Men info
This influences the search results.
Turn on this option t' see yonder places in ye area conquered by men.
Visited by you info
This influences the search results.
Turn on this option t' see thar places in ye area you've visited.
Search relationship status info
This influences the search results.
See where users with a certain relationship status often go t'.
Search age info
This influences the search results.
See where users of a certain age group like t' go.
Conquered by Beauties info
This influences the search results.
Turn on this option t' see ye places in ye area conquered by beauties.
Nickname info
Enter your nickname. Having a nickname enables certain options in the game like:
- Able t' connect t' other players.
- Being shown in thar rankings.
- Being shown as conqueror of a place.
Gender info
You need t' select a gender t' play this game.
Relationship status info
By entering your relationship status you'll be able t' search by relationship status.
Date of birth info
By entering your date of birth you'll be able t' search by age groups.
Photo info
Upload a photo of yourself [smaller than 100KB].
Ye photo will be shown in yonder rankings next t' ye name or in thar place details if you're thar conqueror.
Protect info
You can protect your account with your e-mail address and password.
A protected account can be loaded onto multiple devices like ye smartphone, tablet or PC.

Also when you clear ye browser cache/data then you can still load yonder data back with thar credentials.
Which be not possible for unprotected accounts.
Unprotect info
Disable account protection.
Unprotected accounts cannot be loaded onto multiple devices.
When you clear ye browser cache/data all account information will be lost as well.
Remove account info
Remove account permanently.
Remove thar account and all its data permanently.
This action can not be reversed.
Load settings info
Load settings of a protected account.
You can use this function on multiple devices like ye smartphone, tablet or PC.
Connect info
You can connect t' other players.
Allow other players t' scan ye QR-code so they can visit yonder generated URL.
Or let other players visit ye share URL if scanning ye QR-code proves difficult.

This will enable more functions like:
- Challenges (also requires a nickname)

You be trying t' check into a place that, according t' ye location information, would make it physically impossible for you t' be at.

If you happen t' be thar Flash, Superman, someone else with superpowers or teleportation devices, then we sadly have t' exclude you from our game, as it would make it unfair for our non-mutant players.

Movement speed too fast
Ye be too far away
Too Many Requests. You're only allowed to check-in once every
You can check-in again in:
Too Many Requests. You're only allowed to check-in at the same place once every
You can check-in again in:

Starting tips

Protect account (1/2)

Although you can play anonymously, we highly recommend you t' protect ye account. Some of ye benefits of a protected account be:

  • Ye data be retrievable (useful in case ye browser data has been cleared)
  • You can load ye data onto multiple devices
Next tip
Nickname (2/2)

It can also be useful t' set a nickname. Some benefits of setting a nickname be:

  • Ye nickname will be shown when you're yonder conqueror of a place
  • You can be listed in yonder Rankings if you have enough points and/or conquests
You port no marks on this world
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Places conquered
Check-in count
Protection enabled
Ye account be now protected. Ye stay logged in for thar selected period. Ye settings can now also be loaded upon other devices.
Protection failed
No account
No account was found.
Protection disabled

Without protection you'll no longer need t' log in t' load ye settings, but you'll lose thar ability t' use ye account over multiple devices. If you clear ye browsercache/cookies/history then you'll also permanently lose ye ability t' play with that account.

Protection removal failed
Authentication failed.
This will remove all ye settings. This action can not be reversed.
Account removal failed
Authentication failed.
Password reset
Ye password reset e-mail has been sent.
Password reset error
Password reset e-mail could not be sent.
Add points
Conquered by:
Challenge ye connections
Check/Uncheck all
No connections
In order t' challenge other players you need t' have connections.
You also need t' have a nickname.
Challenge send
Ye challenge has been send t' ye selected player(s). You'll receive notice when yonder challenge has been met or declined.
Assemble send
A push notification with an invitation has been send to all interested parties.
Save quote success
Quote succesfully saved.
Save quote error
Another player has just checked-in before you.
Too many check-ins
Check-in error
You're trying t' check in t' a place which doesn't exist.
An anonymous player
challenges you t' visit
Connect success

Congratulations! You be connected to ye mate. Start playing Pozzy and challenge ye mate to visit places.

Note that connections be only active if you and ye other player have a nickname. And yonder other player must also accept thar connection.

Connect error
An error has occured while connecting t' player. You can report this error at: https://bugs.pozzy.nl/projects/pozzy/
Disconnect error
An error has occured while disconnecting from player. You can report this error at: https://bugs.pozzy.nl/projects/pozzy/
Get connections error
An error has occured while retrieving connections. You can report this error at: https://bugs.pozzy.nl/projects/pozzy/
Show less...
Load log
No entries found for this period.
Short description...
Pozcard saved
Ye Pozcard has been saved.
You can check it out below and share thar URL.
Pozcard save error
An error has occured while saving ye Pozcard. You can report this error at: https://bugs.pozzy.nl/projects/pozzy/
It's a bit empty here.
Overwrite existing Pozcard:
Delete Pozcard:
Pozcard removed
Pozcard has been succesfully removed.
Skip t' end
t' play this game ye webbrowser must have localStorage enabled. This be required t' save ye settings.
Please wait...
Settings loaded
Settings load error
An error has occured while saving ye settings. You can report this error at: https://bugs.pozzy.nl/projects/pozzy/
In order t' install th' beta version o' th' Pozzy Android app from Google Play ye'll need t' join th' Pozzy community.
System notification info
Turn 'tis option on if ye want to receive System notifications.
Chat notification info
Turn this option on if you want to receive Chat notifications.

When someone uses the chat function in a place that you're interested in then you'll receive a Chat push notification.
Assemble notification info
Turn 'tis option on if ye want to receive Assemble notifications.

When someone uses th' Assemble function on a place that ye're interested in then ye'll receive an Assemble push notification.
Cooldown notification info
Turn 'tis option on if ye want to receive Cooldown completed notifications.

Whenever ye Conquer a place ye'll have to wait fer a cooldown period before ye can start conquerin' again.
A cooldown completed notification be sent when ye be able to Conquer again.
Other conquerors notification info
Turn 'tis option on if ye want to receive notifications triggered by other users.

Fer instance: whenever ye be dethroned ye'll receive a notification.